Strathfield Private Hospital
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Direct Access Endoscopy

Direct Access Endoscopy is a streamline service for cancer screening and G.I. health provided by Digestive Pelvic Floor Centre. Eligible patients can skip the specialist consultation for fast tracked access to colonoscopy and gastroscopy at Strathfield Private Hospital. Patients will have their endoscopy performed within 3 weeks of referral.

Patient eligibility

To be eligible for this service, patients must:

  • Be under the age of 80
  • Have uncomplicated health
  • Take limited medication

Patients who do not meet these criteria can be referred however will need to attend a prioritised specialist consultation prior to their endoscopy.


Privately Insured: There will be no out of pocket cost for specialist, anaesthetist or pathology. Patients will only be required to pay the hospital excess based on their insurance policy.

Uninsured: Patients without insurance are encouraged contact us for a quote.

How to refer

  1. GP to complete referral form - click here to download
  2. Fax or email referral form to 02 8084 3881 or
  3. Digestive Pelvic Floor Centre contacts patient within 2 business days
    • procedure booking details and bowel preparation
    • Non-eligible patients will be contacted to confirm a prioritised consultation
  4. Specialist to meet patient on the day of procedure at Strathfield Private Hospital
  5. Follow up consultation in specialist room to discuss and letter sent to referrer


Click here to read about Digestive Pelvic Floor Centre

Click here to download Direct Access Endoscopy flyer


Please contact Digestive Pelvic Floor Centre directly on 02 8084 3831 if you require assistance regarding a specific patient or would like to arrange an urgent endoscopy.