Strathfield Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Safety Guidelines for Visitors

Strathfield Private Hospital recognises its obligation to ensure the health, safety and welfare of its employees and the health and safety of all other persons on its premises, including patients, visitors, volunteers and contractors.


All accidents/incidents and near misses must be reported to the hospital management as soon as possible after the event and an incident form completed.

All Non Patient Visitors (eg. Sales Representatives, Contractors etc)

Please ensure that on arrival and exit you sign the visitors book (located at Reception). You are required to wear a name badge at all times.


If you require assistance or information please dial Reception “9” or contact the Director of Clinical Services.

Chemicals/Hazardous Substances

All chemicals/hazardous substances required for work practices, other than those used within the Hospital, must be notified to the maintenance department. Safety data sheets and first aid requirements must be submitted to management prior to any use of abovementioned substances.


All persons performing functions of work or service are to be correctly attired to perform their designated tasks. Safety attire is paramount at all times.


Contractors attending all areas in the hospital, including consulting suites, must register their presence on site via the Maintenance Manager (Ext 572) or 9745 7401 prior to commencing any work on site. This is to ensure site safety procedures and necessary isolations procedures are in place.

NB: Please ensure that “work method statements” have been forwarded to the Hospital Manager prior to working on site. Adherence to these statements is mandatory.

Fire Safety

At all times, visitors to this site must adhere to the requirements of the Hospital regarding fire safety. You may be directed by Hospital staff to evacuate the premises. If so, you should follow those instructions immediately and do not re-enter the premises until advised it is safe to do so.

First Aid

The nominated first aid station is located on the Ground Floor Ward Nurses Station. All injuries must be reported immediately to the hospital management.

Infection Control

Visitors to the Ward Unit areas must see the Nurse Unit Manager before entering any patients’ rooms and must also follow any relevant instructions given. Routine handwashing should be encouraged at all times when working within the Hospital environment, both before and after procedures.

Exposure to blood, body fluids or sharps incidents should be reported immediately to the Nurse Unit manager on duty. The appropriate documentation must be attended to immediately.

Personal Protective Equipment

Please ensure that the appropriate personal equipment is utilised at all times eg. safety glasses, hearing protection. Please be aware of manual handling requirements.