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Become a consumer representative

Consumer representatives are people who provide Strathfield Private Hospital with a patient, carer and/or community perspective to assist the hospital in decision-making, service planning and improvement.

These include people who currently use our health services such as patients, consumers and their carers and families. They may also include community members who are likely to need to use the hospital in the future.

What does a consumer representative do?

Consumer representatives help in many ways, including:

  • Reviewing and providing feedback on patient information
  • Providing feedback to the hospital about planned improvements and changes in how we provide services
  • Being part of our discussions on quality, safety and patient experience
  • Seeking feedback from people in the community and in the hospital that will be considered by the hospital to ensure appropriate access to health care

What would it involve?

As a consumer representative you may get involved by:

  • Sharing your ‘patient story’ – your experience of being in the hospital
  • Participating in focus groups
  • Assisting with gathering patient feedback
  • Opportunities to assist with staff training/ education by using their own hospital or lived experience as a learning tool. Examples of this might be:
    • Poor communication between staff members that left you feeling confused/ frightened or unsure of your treatment – you want to explain how that could have been made easier for you and your family
    • A process that happens during your time as a patient that you feel could do with some improvement
    • Familiarity with the use of equipment as a patient – like hoists and explain what assistance and explanations by staff helped or hindered the experience
    • Living with dementia/ mobility issues/ chronic disease processes

How to become a consumer representative

Please register your interest by emailing your name and contact information to:

Assistant Director of Nursing
02 9745 7424 

Consumer representatives