Strathfield Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

GP Liaison

Strathfield Private Hospital recognises the important role that GPs play in the continuum of care. We endeavor to stay closely connected and are always happy to take feedback in order to improve our services.

In recognition of this, the hospital has a dedicated GP Liaison, whose role is designed to improve communication and collaboration between SPH, its Specialists and General Practitioners.

The GP Liaison can assist with:

  • Organising tailored education sessions or meet and greets at your GP practice with a specialist of your choice. You can search our accredited specialists here
  • GP education: we are an accredited educational provider with the RACGP and offer a variety of programs. See GP education tab here for more information
  • Personalised onsite consultation with GPs to provide updates on the hospital, visiting specialists and services

For any queries relating to the above, please contact:
Kate Woodward
GP Liaison
Mobile: 0428 317 781