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Dr Sim Choroomi

Dr Sim Choroomi is an Australian trained ENT Surgeon and USA trained Facial Plastic Surgeon who is recognised for his talent, honesty and humble demeanour. Dr Choroomi grew up in Sydney’s eastern suburbs and completed medical school with Class 1 Honours at UNSW, Sydney.

After completing 8 further years of surgical training, including 5 years dedicated to Ear, Nose, Throat-Head and Neck Surgery in NSW, he obtained Fellowship with the College of Surgeons. After this Dr Choroomi was selected into Advanced Fellowship training in the United States to further specialise in nasal and facial surgery.

At the coveted Lasky Clinic in Beverly Hills, California Dr Choroomi completed a highly sought after accredited fellowship training position in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery under the auspices of the AAFPRS (American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery). His training mentor was renowned Beverly Hills surgeon Dr Andrew Frankel, who’s name is well-known to Hollywood celebrities, international royalty and patients world-wide. Dr Choroomi was trained to master advanced surgical skills and injectable techniques, emphasizing attention to detail and natural results whilst maintaining quality and discreet patient care.

FRACS certified and dually qualified, Dr Choroomi specialises in cosmetic and revision rhinoplasty, nasal and sinus surgery and cosmetic injectables. He has a sub-specialty interest in complex revision rhinoplasty and is one of a few specialists in Sydney with the training and experience to restore function and beauty to patients not satisfied with their primary surgery results.

An advocate for ongoing education, Dr Choroomi lectures at UNSW medical school, trains future surgeons at Prince of Wales and Sydney/Sydney Eye Hospitals and often guest lecturers at local and international medical conferences. He believes that natural, long-lasting results can only be achieved through proper surgical expertise and a committed life-long passion for both learning and teaching the art of surgery.

Dr Choroomi’s secret to life is balance, when not performing surgery he enjoys studying a combination of scientific journals on nutrition and fitness and promoting a health conscious, holistic style of wellness. Through his own transformation Dr Choroomi understands and appreciates the healing powers of good nutrition and exercise as medicine and incorporates these in his patient’s care.