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Strathfield private celebrates ‘Movember'

Nov 17, 2020

Strathfield Private Hospital is urging men in Sydney’s inner west to think about their prostate health this month as part of Movember.

Recognised each November, Movember is a global organisation committed to changing the face of men’s health - particularly mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Right now across Australia 220,000 men are living with and beyond prostate cancer.

Urology Surgeon at Strathfield Private Hospital, Associate Professor Paul Sved said Movember was a great time for men to schedule their prostate check up.

“One in six Australian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime but many men don’t die of prostate cancer because we’re much better at determining how they should be treated,” Assoc. Prof. Sved said.

“Men shouldn’t be scared, they should go and get their PSA test because as with all cancers, the earlier it’s detected the higher the chance of cure.”

The Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test is a simple blood test that can raise suspicion of prostate can-cer, however a biopsy is needed to diagnose the disease.

Men over the age of 50 should have a PSA test every two years and if there is a family history of prostate cancer, the PSA testing should begin from the age of 45.

If further examination is needed, Healthcare Imaging Services - located at Strathfield Private Hospital, offers patients a ‘Fusion MRI Prostate Biopsy' which can better target abnormal areas on an MRI to give a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

“The Fusion MRI Prostate Biopsy has revolutionised the investigation and management of prostate cancer,” Assoc. Prof Sved said.

“It gives us an idea of where the abnormal area in the prostate is and we now target those areas very accurately using prostate biopsies that can be performed through the perineum.

“We’re much better at determining which men need to be actively treated and which men can be monitored - the Fusion MRI helps us monitor those men.”

Urological Surgeon Associate Professor Ruban Thanigasalam said the technology at Strathfield Private was state of the art.

“We are grateful to have the Fusion MRI biopsy software at Strathfield Private Hospital, as well as the radiography staff to assist with fusing the MRI prostate images with real time ultrasound images of the prostate,” Assoc. Prof. Thanigasalm said.

“It provides us with the added confidence of precision targeting of abnormal lesions within the pros-tate to assess for the presence of clinically significant prostate cancer”.

Associate Prof. Thanigasalam also said men can also adopt some simple lifestyle changes to reduce their risk of prostate cancer.

“Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle with a balanced southern Mediterranean diet is what we rec-ommend. Exercise regularly, go for walks, minimise consumption of processed and fatty food and try to eat a good balance of fruit and vegetables and grilled fish and meats. It all helps to improve men’s lifestyle and assists with reducing their risk of prostate cancer,” Assoc. Prof. Thanigasalam said.

Strathfield Private Hospital offers men of Sydney’s inner-west access to the latest medical equipment for the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

The hospital’s experienced specialists, radiologists and nurses work together to provide personalised care from diagnosis through to treatment and ongoing support.