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Strathfield Private Hospital: breaking new ground in robotic surgery with ROSA

Nov 16, 2021

Surgeons at Strathfield Private Hospital have a new assistant in the operating room, named ROSA (robotic surgical assistant).

A highly advanced surgical robot assistant, ROSA helps orthopaedic surgeons perform knee replacement surgery by providing computer navigation, soft tissue balancing and 3D modelling.

ROSA is designed to help surgeons tailor the placement of knee implants for each individual patient. Data collected before and during surgery is used to help position the implant according to the unique specifications of the patient.

Orthopaedic Surgeon Paul Della Torre was the first to use ROSA at Strathfield Private Hospital.

“ROSA has the potential to reduce time to full recovery, maximise accuracy in balance and implantation of prostheses and make the workflow for surgical teams more efficient,” Dr Della Torre said.

“I am trained in three robotic arthroplasty systems and I am delighted to be able to offer ROSA to patients at Strathfield Private Hospital.

“ROSA is the most advanced and most recent system I have worked with to date.

“Seeing the surgical team’s enthusiasm and collaboration on this new system was exciting -we all enjoyed using this new technology.”

Head of Orthopaedics Daniel Rahme said ROSA provided another level of verification from previous methods used.

“ROSA is a good tool for checking we have done what we planned to do,” Dr Rahme said.

Strathfield Private Hospital Chief Executive Officer Rowann O’Mullane said the hospital’s investment in robotics offered a minimally invasive approach to surgery.

“The aim of the robotic knee replacement system is to allow our specialists to perform complex surgical procedures with enhanced accuracy and control,” Ms O’Mullane said.

“Having ROSA on our staff at Strathfield is certainly a welcome addition to our surgical team.”

Ms O’Mullane said Strathfield’s investment in the latest medical innovations was to provide the best possible outcomes for patients.

“Adopting new medical technology is important for continued improvement in patient care, efficiency and to attract the best medical specialists,” Ms O’Mullane said.

Dr Rahme said about 200 to 300 knee replacements were performed at Strathfield Private Hospital each year and demand for the procedure was increasing.

Strathfield Private Hospital Head of Orthopaedics Daniel Rahme with new robotic surgical assistant (ROSA).