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State of the Art-is

Jan 16, 2015

Strathfield Private's new Artis Zeego robot offers a host of benefits for patients and surgeons. Here's how it is transforming the hospital's new theatre into a revolutionary operating facility.

It's two in one. The Artis Zeego can seamlessly perform investigations and procedures at the same time - without moving the patient.

"This system is a Cath Lab inside an operating suite," says Strathfield Private Hospital's Director of Clinical Services Grant Frecklington.

"A patient can come in for a percutaneous procedure and then progress on to an open procedure if required. Theoretically, we could perform a cardiac angiogram, diagnose an occlusion and progress to cardiac surgery."

It's fatigue proof. "A variable isocenter allows surgeons to adjust the working height of the system to help reduce fatigue associated with performing long procedures," says Frecklington.

Reduced radiation. "This system reduces radiation and limits the use of contrast significantly, compared to conventional 2D imaging," says Frecklington.

state of the art-is

Strathfield surgeons Dr Michael Byrom and Professor Michael Vallely; Cardiac Coordinator Cassandra Board; Strathfield MP Charles Casuscelli, Ramsay Health Care Chief Operating Officer Australia/Indonesia Danny Sims in the new theatres.