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Strathfield Private Hospital is committed to the ongoing education of local doctors, and offers high-quality and interactive educational GP seminars in partnership with accredited specialists.

Our GP education events cover the full spectrum of medical specialties, from the common to the complex - with a focus on innovation, hands-on involvement and practical tips that will arm you with new tools to do things more easily/efficiently and safely.

Strathfield Private Hospital GP events cover both categories 1 & 2 RACGP Accredited GP QA&CPD activities. Activities available include; Small Group Leaning SGL, Accredited Activity Provider ALM, CPR and Accredited Activity Provider activities.

Please email for further information.

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The best kept secrets of diagnosing and treating joint pain in general practice

Dear Doctor,

As per your many requests, please find attached the presentations from our recent Bone Whisperers - The Secrets to Diagnosing and Treating Joint Pain in GP Practice GP Event held at Concord Golf Club on Feb 22, 2017.

Dr John Trantalis - GP shoulder examination

Dr David Dilley - the Table Top Test Dupuytren's

Knee Examination Red Flags - Physio Tom Lombardo

Dr Daniel Rahme - Hip Update

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